Monday, September 1, 2014

Challenge: Simplify in September

Happy Labor Day! I am trying to be productive on this work holiday, particularly given this month's goal, which is to simplify even more than we have already. We have no definite moving plans yet, but my intent is to have a yard sale during either the first or second weekend of October, so even if our moving plans don't take definite shape anytime soon, I need to weed out as much as I can this month. My mini goals are as follows:

  • Finish using toiletries that are nearly gone anyway: I made quite a bit of lotion/cream with shea butter when I was preparing to nurse, and I have been using it on my feet. I want to finish using it so that I can reclaim the Pyrex container that holds it. I also have bottles of lotion from as many as ten years ago that I need to use (IF it's still usable) or discard.
  • Inventory my cabinets: I need to take an honest inventory of our freezer and cabinets and to use or donate food that is aging. I make this statement partially because I found a months-old can of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup in the cabinet this weekend. We've been making and freezing our own for a couple of months now. I likely have no idea what is actually in our cabinets at this point!
  • Sort through our child's clothing and toys: Our little one has outgrown a lot of clothing, much of it that we intend to keep. I need to pack clothes that I want to keep for another future little one in a rather large storage container I have. I need to place clothes I don't intend to keep in the sell or donate stack. Similarly, I need to begin sorting through the little one's toys and determine which ones she has outgrown such as her shoe and wrist rattles. Again, I need to decide whether to pack them away or sell or donate them. After all, the little one's toy wagon is already overflowing, and Christmas is just around the corner!
  • Assess my own clothing, accessories, purses, and jewelry: I have a lot of clothing and even some jewelry I am really not fond of at this point. If I don't wear it or want it, it needs to be sold or donated.
  • Discard paper: I have been scanning and then discarding old teaching units, old financial records, and other paper in the last couple of weeks. I need to continue doing so. The less paper we have to move when the time comes, the smaller moving truck we will need and the less weight we have to lift.
  • Reduce our home management binder to our tablet: I have begun the process of moving our recipes, contacts, and calendar to our tablet, but I want to complete that process. I am learning to like paper less every day, a bit of a miracle considering I used to buy paper notebooks by the tens during back-to-school time!
  • Complete projects: My project table is very cluttered right now, and I need to finish some projects before I begin any others.

Even if you are not moving and not intending to have a yard sale anytime soon, I challenge you to work on simplifying your life this month. People who begin reducing clutter in their household report feeling liberated after doing so. I think my husband and I need to do a "frugal fast" in the near future, and I'm hoping that simplifying a bit this month will give us the motivation to tackle that future task!

Until next time,