About Me

My name is Erin. I always thought I wanted to be an attorney--and after a decade of working in the legal field as a legal assistant, then a paralegal, and then a law clerk, I finally became one! But after getting married to a sailor in the Navy, I took an indefinite sabbatical from the practice of law and spent over two years as a stay-at-home wife, trying to conquer cooking, baking, canning, crafting, sewing, cake decorating, couponing, stockpiling, and organizing, among other things. My husband has since left the Navy and joined the Air National Guard, and I have now returned to the practice of law, but I miss my days at home and eventually hope to leave the law entirely and focus on being a wife to my Staff Sergeant and mom to my beautiful little baby girl, Abe (not her real name).

My goals in creating this blog are to share my adventures in homemaking, to make some new friends, to learn some new things, and perhaps to encourage and even inspire others. I hope you will enjoy what I write here, that you will share your own ideas and experiences, and that we will grow individually and as online friends.

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  1. Honestly, I love the name of this blog! When I first saw it, I was instantly reminded of a local law firm that does radio ads for their domestic law firm . . . so I got a good chuckle. :)


One goal of mine in starting this blog was to make some new friends with whom to share thoughts, ideas, encouragement, and inspiration. Please post a message. I would love to hear from you! Just remember that you can never go wrong being kind!