Sunday, July 13, 2014

Home Is Wherever You Are

Ricky Skaggs and his wife Sharon White-Skaggs sang a duet in the 1980's called "Home Is Wherever You Are." I won't post the lyrics here, but the song is really beautiful.

My husband and I are talking a lot about where our road will lead us next. Mississippi? Panama City? Tampa? We have options, and that's something we really couldn't say a year ago. Having options is a good thing. The uncertainty is nervewracking for me, however.

We have looked at house after house after house. We would like a house large enough for us to have a bedroom for our little one, a guest room, and a school room. My husband wants me to have a craft room as well, although I'm not insistent upon that. I want a big kitchen because we spend more awake time in our kitchen than in any other room. We also want at least 1.5 acres so that we can have a garden and a play area for the little one.

We also want to avoid a lot of debt. And what that means is that we are going to have to renovate something. I don't mind that idea at all, provided I don't have to redo plumbing or electrical because I cannot do those myself. Painting, putting down flooring, redoing counters, framing mirrors, replacing light fixtures, replacing appliances--those don't scare me. Ripping out walls scares me. I want something with good bones.

During my husband's previous career in the Navy, he was gone approximately 50% of the days each year. I grew accustomed to the schedule, but was determined that I hated it, so much so that post-Navy I put down my foot when my husband had an opportunity for a great job being away for weeks at a time. We slept in the same bed nearly every night for a year (he's a weekend warrior, so he was gone a weekend a month). And then he left for tech school in April, and since then, we've seen each other 2-3 days a week. Each week, the separation gets more difficult on both us and our child.

So while I don't know where we will be going next, I do know that we will build a home together because home really is where the three of us are together. Just as a church isn't about the building, a home isn't about the wall colors, the stainless steel appliances, or the hardwood floors.

Just as an update, the garage sale has been postponed. We want to ensure that we put everything up for sale that needs to go rather than having one sale now and one later in the year. Still, I'm making progress on the garage, don't you think?


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