Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24th

Today is Christmas Eve. If you're like me, you're busy cooking and baking for tonight and tomorrow. But what will you do for breakfast for tomorrow morning? I remember watching a Christmas episode of "Eight is Enough" years ago about the family drinking juice--and eating breakfast? My memory isn't that good!--before opening gifts. My little family does this; we prefer eating breakfast before opening gifts, at least while our daughter is still just a baby and doesn't know about the gifts awaiting her! Still, this is the year that I decided to start making a make-ahead breakfast casserole so that I am not frying bacon or flipping pancakes on Christmas morning. I got the idea from Taste of Home's January 2013 issue.

What do you do for breakfast on Christmas morning? Post your Christmas breakfast plans in the comments below.



  1. We usually have cinnamon rolls that I make ahead, then bake in the morning. A breakfast casserole sounds better to me these days, but there's that whole tradition thing. :)

    1. I didn't practice what I preached! I was so busy preparing on Monday for a chili dinner we had at our home and then preparing for my family's Christmas Eve shindig on Tuesday that I didn't make the make-ahead casserole. The baby spent two hours unwrapping gifts before we even got started, and we were having dinner with my parents around 1, so we didn't actually eat breakfast. I will plan better next year--and we won't schedule Christmas dinner until evening!


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