Sunday, September 1, 2013


I started a homemaking blog at another Blogger address almost three years ago, shortly after my husband returned from deployment and I quit my job to live with and take care of him full-time. I relocated my posts to this blog at the end of that year. Since I became pregnant and had Abe and then started working again, I have published very few posts here.

I started this blog because I truly loved homemaking. I still do. But these days, I have so little time to do what I love because I am so busy being an attorney. I would rather be home with my child, teaching her the alphabet, numbers, and the presidents of the United States and eventually showing her how to cook and bake and grow and can vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, I am not able to stay at home full-time right now because of my family's long-term goals: to pay off all of our debt, to purchase our own home, and to build a comfortable life for our sweet baby.

Nonetheless, I intend to start again on posting my projects and recipes. My husband and I cook several new recipes each week, and I bake a new treat every weekend. I also am working on handling tasks on my project list.

I cannot promise that I will be posting daily because my family and my job take priority. But I will try to post at least weekly the recipes we have tried that week and the projects I have finished--or just started!

What have you been up to since the last time we "talked"?


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