Sunday, July 7, 2013

Living the Good Life

My husband and I were blessed to vacation this past week in Bradenton Beach. We spent some quality family time at my aunt and uncle's beach house on Anna Maria Island. They bought the house recently and have expended a lot of effort into renovating and decorating it. It is really nice! My husband and I were thrilled to get to spend our vacation in such a cozy and comfortable place--and it was the site of some revelations for both of us.

We have had a stressful year. In November, we moved from our long-term home in Virginia to my home state of Florida. In December, we received our last steady paycheck from the United States Navy and moved into our rented house. In January, I started my own law practice. In February, we found out that our unborn baby was a bit underweight and breech. In March, our baby girl was born via C-section. In April, I entered the hospital for the third time in a month and underwent gallbladder surgery. In May, my husband started a new job, and my law practice began picking up steam. You get the picture.

As each day passed this week, my husband and I realized more and more a sense of dread. In evaluating the reasons for it, we realized just how much we dislike the direction our lives have taken this year. The reasons for his dread are between us. But as for me, I dislike the current state of my business and dislike even more the current state of my household. My life is out of order--and I dislike disorder in any form.

So we are changing the way we do business--and home. We want to live the good life! To do that, we intend to declutter our lives, put into place some practices to make our lives and situation less stressful, and even buy some products to make our lives easier and (we hope) more enjoyable.

Tomorrow. Not because I am a procrastinator (although I do tend to be a procrastinator!), but because tomorrow I will post the first task we are completing today to improve our lives. Hint: It involves doing something we don't do as much as we'd like anymore because we are parents of a newborn. :)


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