Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Find: IKEA BOLMEN Toilet Brush and Holder

While my husband and I were on vacation, we visited IKEA, which is one of my favorite stores. While I was there, I saw this black toilet brush/holder for $0.99 and promptly purchased it:

Before our newborn came into this world, we used a Clorox wand to clean our toilets, but post-baby, we decided not to use bleach to clean. So we bought white toilet brushes from Dollar Tree. Unfortunately, those quickly became dingy-looking. (I refuse to post a picture because they look so gross, even when they have been covered in baking soda and doused in vinegar.) But now I have this beautiful black brush that, God willing, will not look dirty as it sits in its place in the bathroom.

And yes, I totally understand that it will be dirty because, after all, it is a toilet brush (although we do intend to keep it as clean as possible with boiling water and vinegar and such). But at least it will still look good. Or at least I hope so.


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