Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kill Weeds--and Grass--with Vinegar

The house we rent has a concrete driveway. Unfortunately, grass and weeds have begun growing through the cracks.

Annoying. So I took a tip from this pin:

I put some vinegar in a miniature watering can and poured the vinegar on the grass and weeds in the driveway. I did this Thursday. Since a cold rain visited us on Friday, I waited until today to check out the results. I found the same weed looking . . . well, dead. Or at least very, very sick.

I pulled the weeds and grass out of the cracks by their roots and disposed of them. Now we have a clean driveway.

If you try this tactic at home, make sure that you do not get any of the vinegar on the grass and flowers and plants you want to keep. Vinegar is no respecter of plant life and will kill grass and apparently other plants as well.


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