Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Clean Your Top-Loading Washer and Your Dryer

During our apartment years, my husband and I shared a washer and a dryer with the tenants of seven other apartments. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was at the prospect of having our own washer and dryer inside our house. Knowing that we were soon to have a newborn and were going to cloth diaper, we bought a top-loading GE washer and matching dryer from my aunt. Fortunately, she kept the machines clean--she owns her own cleaning company!--so I decided that cleaning them was not necessary given that I was very pregnant and very sick at the time and that she is family. Ultimately, though, I knew that I wanted to clean them. So I tried the method used in this pin on Pinterest:

Armed with homemade all-purpose household cleaner, bleach, and vinegar, I got to work. It's now clean, inside and out.

I also used my all-purpose household cleaner and my vacuum cleaner to clean the dryer.

I am more content now that both my washer and dryer are clean! My current plan is to clean them twice a year, once during spring cleaning and again during holiday cleaning before Thanksgiving.


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