Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Curtain Rod

A few years ago, my husband and I created a homemade curtain rod for our bedroom from a wooden dowel and some wooden finials. When we moved into this rental house earlier this year, we decided to make another curtain rod for the living room since the curtain rod we had for the living room in our previous apartment was just too short. This time, however, we decided to create a shelf over our curtain rod and window:

We bought the shelf brackets, wood, and dowel from Lowe's back in December. Then my husband painted all of them white using numerous coats of white paint. He had put up the brackets and the dowel months ago so that we could actually hang a curtain over the double windows in our living room. But this weekend, he put the final coats of white paint on the shelf and installed it above the brackets. I love this piece.

The total cost of this rod and shelf was $20 or so. We could not have bought a nice curtain rod for less. God willing, in a few years, we will move this curtain rod to a custom-built home, where it will really look great (and will have more room between the shelf and ceiling for items).

And yes, I do intend to put something on the shelf. I just haven't figured out what yet! I also intend to shorten the rod itself and to look for new curtains (or maybe additional panels of the curtains I already have?). The project list is never done, is it? :)


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