Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cookware and Pyrex Organization

The kitchen in our rental house has a lot of cabinetry. But I have a lot of kitchen items. I have canners and cake design kits and grills and miniature appliances and lots of other similar accoutrements. In fact, my good "china" is still in my office because I have nowhere to store it (and alas no dining room for a china cabinet).

But I am starting to organize my cabinets a bit better. For the last few months, my measuring glasses, ramekins, mixing bowls, colanders, and such have been on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets, far out of reach for me. Then today, I realized that I could move my Pyrex bakeware alongside my cookware, freeing up some space for my Pyrex storage bowls and also enabling me to move those measuring glasses, ramekins, and other important baking and cooking supplies to another cabinet within my reach.

I will actually move those other items another day. But for now, I found an extra benefit to the new location of my Pyrex bakeware: I don't have to struggle with it--and nearly break it--when I want to use it. It sits in the cabinet next to my oven and is right inside the cabinet door.



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