Sunday, April 14, 2013


I haven't posted anything on this blog in nearly a year. Since my last post, my family has faced a LOT of changes:
  • My husband and I moved from our two-bedroom unrenovated apartment into a one-bedroom renovated apartment (May 2012).
  • My husband and I learned that we were expecting our first child (July 2012).
  • I fought an approximate eight-month bout with hyperemesis (July 2012 - March 2013).
  • My husband and I moved from Virginia to Florida (November 2012).
  • My husband left the Navy (December 2012).
  • My husband and I moved into a rented house (December 2012).
  • I took the critical first steps to open my own law office (January 2013).
  • I had our first child via C-section (March 2013).
  • I spent some time in the hospital battling major problems with my gallbladder, pancreas, bile duct, and liver, ultimately undergoing major surgery a month after my c-section (April 2013).
For obvious reasons, I feel as though my life has been one upheaval after another in the last year. Although one of my friends was kind enough to inform me on Facebook that I appear to have everything together, I feel as though my life is in complete disarray. I have a ton of unfinished projects stacked up in the guest bedroom and garage, my baby's nursery still isn't finished, my house is a mess, the yard is in dire need of some TLC, my vehicle needs to be cleaned, everything in my life is disorganized, my husband is in school, I am trying to get my law practice open so that it brings in consistent income, and I am still spending much of my time in my recliner recovering from my most recent surgery (which was just last week). Oh, and life with my newborn is SO hectic!

But I have not hit rock bottom. I am aware of how blessed I am. I look at my tummy, knowing that I look as though I've been on the losing end of a knife fight. But I saw a picture of another woman's almost-identical tummy online and read her story, learning that her baby had passed away shortly after birth. So again, I am blessed, even while my newborn cries hours a day and keeps me guessing as to how to keep her content.

Still, I feel as though I need to pick myself up by the bootstraps so that I can recreate the home I had a year ago and create the home I ultimately want for my child. Unfortunately, I cannot start immediately and try to reorganize my household; I am still recuperating, still sore, still going to doctor appointments to be cleared and even one to find out what else is wrong with me. But I can take baby steps, so that is the goal beginning tomorrow: to do something--one tiny step a day--to get my home organized again so that I am content again.



  1. If anyone can do it YOU can! I will be lifting you up in prayer through this time! I am always here if you need me!


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