Friday, May 4, 2012

Krylon Glitter Blast . . . and Glittered Pine Cones

After Thanksgiving last year, I bought Krylon Glitter Blast spray to coat some pine cones with glitter for holiday decorating. Unfortunately, my husband and I encountered problems with the spray can, and some of it ended up being wasted. I contacted Krylon, expecting simply to voice my discontent. I was blessed, however, that a customer service representative named Kevin responded and offered to send me another can of the spray paint free of charge. When I had not received the paint a few weeks later, I contacted customer service again to let the company know. Kevin responded again and traced the package. Turns out it was left at my apartment's clubhouse without my knowledge.

I used the second can to finish painting my pine cones. What an easy, sophisticated-looking, and inexpensive holiday decorating idea! I am probably going to fill some large vases with these at Christmas and may even use some to make pine cone garland. And I am so pleased with Krylon and the fact that it stands behind its guarantee.


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