Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Tour: Kitchen

I have made it to the final room of my home tour!

We currently live in an "unrenovated" apartment at our apartment complex. What this means is that we have 1970's cabinets and 1980's butcher block counters. We will soon have new cabinets and granite counters, but for now, it is what it is. :) We think we have made the best of it.

When we first moved here, I had quite a Coca-Cola collection. I have sold a lot of that collection on eBay the past few months and now have a mainly black and stainless steel kitchen with a few red and Coca-Cola items thrown in for good measure. I intend to keep this color scheme.

Again, our kitchen is fairly large, so I will present it in sections. First, the bar.

Yes, I do love these bar stools, although I really should touch them up a bit. I like those oil bottles, too, although I eventually want to etch the oil "labels" onto the bottles when I get a Silhouette Cameo (probably a long way away!). I also love the Gerber daisies in the Mason jar (though I think more marbles are in order) and the treat stand, although it is begging for some treats to display! I also am quite a fan of my cookbook holder (which holds a monogrammed plate right now rather than a cookbook), though it still has stickers on it placed by the manufacturer.

On to the refrigerator:

I actually decluttered the top of the freezer a couple of months ago, yet the few items still atop it look cluttered, don't they? I should work on organizing those somewhere else. Too, I should get everything off the refrigerator. The items should be filed away in a permanent location or, in the case of our debt snowball, savings, and giving thermometers, redone and laminated and posted on a corkboard somewhere in our home.

I love our bar:

I just would like to have a new toaster oven. I intend to buy a four-slice toaster when this one dies. But for now, it's forever old and still going strong.

The sink area:

The rug in the floor is one of two (the other is in front of the refrigerator). Both are starting to look bad--the white in Coca-Cola looks yellow! I am going to discard them. I eventually want to buy anti-fatigue kitchen mats to go in front of the stove and sink. As for the sink, I want to replace the pump on the Mason jar I use to hold my dishwashing liquid. I also want to put the hand sanitizer in a similar Mason jar. Finally, I want to figure out a better storage solution for my brushes and sponges.

Spice rack, knives, and more:

My sister-in-law gave my husband and me the spice rack. I love it. I am going to purchase another to store the tons of other spices in my cabinets (and I'm going to print new labels, too). I am also going to purchase some new knives at some point because these are dull and sharpening them hasn't helped much.

Our current stove is hardly stainless steel, but it works really well. We eventually would like one that is slightly newer. :)

I need to clean the tea kettle. I also would like to make some more candles to fit the candle holders when we have time.

The final portion of the counter:

We want to replace the microwave when it dies, preferably with a black or stainless steel one.

Yes, I'm even showing the garbage and recycling cans:

We want to build a wooden garbage can with hooks inside it and a storage area for the box of bags. We also want to create a better recycling system.

Okay, so I haven't finished it and haven't updated it recently either, but here is our shopping list and calendar.

I really want to finish it in the near future.

And finally, I really, REALLY want to finish the cedar chest hiding under this drop cloth and move it to the bedroom. But that task is on my master bedroom list. :) (Oh, and disregard the shredded paper on the carpet. I turned over the shredder. But I've already vacuumed the resulting mess.)

I have some other random tasks on my list as well. The currently exhaustive list of what we want to do in the kitchen:

  • Before we move to the next apartment:
    • Clean tea kettle. (Cost: free.)
    • Clean cookware with stainless steel cleaner. (Cost: free.)
    • Remove the stickers from the cookbook holder. (Cost: free.)
    • Remove the items from the refrigerator door. (Cost: free.)
    • Touch up paint on bar stools. (Cost: free.)
    • Buy more marbles for Mason jar. (Cost: $1 per pack.)
    • Buy new pump for Mason jar. (Cost: $1.)
    • Move hand sanitizer to a Mason jar with a pump. (Cost: $3.)
    • Finish calendar. (Cost: free with a gift card I have.)
    • Buy another spice rack. (Cost: free with some gift cards I have.)
    • Label spices. (Cost: free.)
  • During our stay in the next apartment:
    • Discard rugs.
    • Make candles for candle holders.
    • Buy more condiment bottles.
    • Figure out a better storage solution for brushes and sponges.
    • Declutter the top of the freezer. Find a nice Coca-Cola crate to put atop the freezer to put candles or flowers in. :)
    • Continue purchasing miscellaneous dishes and glasses at thrift stores.
    • Buy scoops for canisters.
    • Laminate clean thermometers and post them on a corkboard.
    • Buy a used meat freezer, and stock it with meat from Polyvore.
  • When we return to Florida:
    • Make a measuring cup and spoon holder.
    • Create bookends for cookbooks.
  • When we have some spare money:
    • Buy more cooking utensils, appliances, and items: pressure canner, pastry blender, juicer, timer, meat tenderizer, garlic press. griddle
    • Buy another set of ramekins.
    • Buy new knives.
    • Buy anti-fatigue mats to place in front of the stove and sink.
    • Etch the oil labels onto the glass bottles.
    • Replace the (dead) toaster with a four-slice one.
    • Replace the (dead) microwave with a black or stainless steel one.
  • When we buy a house:
    • Create built-in organizers for silverware.
    • Build a kitchen island with towel holders.

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