Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Drink Sweet Tea at Your Computer

A few months ago, I knocked over a glass of sweet tea onto my (wireless) (DESKTOP) computer keyboard (I never put my glass on the main portion of my desk--just on the keyboard tray). Fortunately, the only part affected was the keypad, but the sticky keys drove me crazy whenever I tried to update our financial spreadsheets.

Some fools never learn, right? I was drinking another glass of sweet tea beside my computer a couple of weeks ago and spilled the tea again--this time on my space bar! I promptly took the batteries out of the wireless keyboard. Then I intentionally spilled an equal amount (it wasn't that much) of rubbing alcohol onto the part of the keyboard that the tea reached (not the best idea, so you really should not try that idea at home). I then grabbed a screwdriver and took apart the keyboard myself. I used rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs to clean every nook and cranny I could reach. I reassembled the keyboard and went to bed, fearing the worst.

The next day, my space bar was a bit sticky, but it still worked. After a day or two of using the keyboard, ALL of my keys were working normally again!

So perhaps intentionally spilling rubbing alcohol onto my keyboard was probably not the greatest idea in the world. And DEFINITELY do not try it if you have a laptop. But if you have a desktop, you might try using a small bit of rubbing alcohol on the end of a cotton swab to clean your keys if you spill a sweet drink. I know I'm thankful that I saved myself the cost of another keyboard!

Of course, the best idea is not to have a drink beside your keyboard. (I have a new spot to place my drinks now, a spot on an entirely different piece of furniture.)


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