Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sea Sponge Bowl

I love a lot of Restoration Hardware's stuff, but I do NOT love the prices. I do, however, look through the source books whenever they are released to see a) if I can afford to buy anything in it and b) if I can knock off something in the catalog.

A month or so ago, I became taken with a prop in the Fall 2011 source book. The prop was really quite simple--a bowl was used to hold a sea sponge. I made a note to do something similar, particularly since my husband's sponge needs somewhere to be stored.

Of course, I found a good bowl after I told myself not to buy anything else to start another project with. But since the bowl was less than $0.50 at the thrift store, I thought perhaps buying it was okay. The bowl had some really nice detailing on it, but I was not a fan of the beige-ish color. So I brought it home and painted it with some black glossy spray paint. The result is gorgeous, although the picture makes it look as though it is dirty or flawed. I just wanted to show off the detail.

Because I don't have a huge vanity like the one in the Restoration Hardware source book, I thought I would put it on the edge of the tub.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid either I or my husband will knock it off. So I put it on top of my new box.

That's better.

I like this idea, but I think I will like it even more when we have an actual vanity.



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