Sunday, April 8, 2012

Relearning to Sew

I learned to sew in middle school when I took home economics with Ms. Norris. Years later when I was in college, I bought my own sewing machine. Unfortunately, I never really used it. In fact, my mother used it quite a bit, so I let her keep it until recently. But now I want to learn to sew again, so I have brought it home (I offered to buy her a new one, so I'm not a total meanie).

I remember little to nothing about sewing, so I've had to learn all over again. I remembered how to wind a bobbin, but if you know nothing about it, you may find this video helpful. I used the video to double check myself.

Then I had to thread the needle. I remembered most of the steps, but I used this video to check--and correct--myself.

That video helped me a lot! Also, since I was just practicing, I used black thread on the spool and white thread in the bobbin so that I could see when I picked up the bobbin thread.

Did I mention that I discovered that my needle had broken? This video helped me remember how to change needles.

So I wouldn't say that sewing is like riding a bike, but I did pick it up again fairly quickly. Tomorrow: cloth napkins! I have some already, but they are thin, and they cost me like $2.00 each. With a coupon, I can totally beat that price and get to pick my own gorgeous fabric!


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