Monday, April 2, 2012

Prayer and Praise Notebook

Before my husband and I joined the church we currently attend, we visited a lot of churches in this area. One of the churches we visited had teachers who circulated a prayer and praise notebook at the beginning of each small group/Sunday school class. I loved the idea and decided to make my own so that I would not forget to name specific people in my prayers or to voice my thankfulness for even the tiniest blessings.

This particular notebook was simple! I created a cover using my word processing program (I use because it is free) and then created a template for my prayer pages and another, very similar template for my praise pages. My prayer template looks like this:


My praise template looks like this:


Yes, I spent a lot of time working on that praise template after I created the prayer template. ;)

I printed the pages, punched holes in them, and put them in the notebook. I keep meaning to make a cover for this binder, but I haven't done that yet. This book sits on my bedside table, so no one really sees it anyway.

Yes, fellow OCD sufferers, I know I should make a cover for it from scrapbook paper because this binder is just not attractive compared to, say, my home management binder.

And yes, I just added this task to my "to do before moving" list. Because cutting some scrapbook paper for the covers and spine of this notebook is clearly much more important than packing, right? ;)


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