Monday, April 2, 2012

Moving . . . At Some Point!

As I have previously mentioned on several occasions, my husband and I are moving to another apartment in the same complex. We have been downsizing quite a bit. I was able to sell quite a few items on eBay (some tips coming soon). Much of the rest is in the Jeep to be taken to the thrift store. We took some VERY old laptops to Best Buy to be recycled after we removed the hard drives, and we are selling some others to an online company (review of that company coming later). We still have a few items that we are going to dispose of in other methods. But overall, we have gotten rid of a LOT of stuff.

So we were originally supposed to move at the end of May when our contract on this apartment ends. Then we found an apartment we absolutely adore, and after doing some fancy footwork with the property managers, we were supposed to move between the middle and the end of April. Then my husband found out he is going to be underway, and I can't possibly move our furniture by myself--and I don't want to pay movers to move us across the parking lot. I am also leery of asking friends to help because of the possibility of accidents and liability claims. (I'm an attorney. I foresee all kinds of disasters that likely will never happen.) So my husband and I changed our move in date to mid-May so that he could be here. And then two hours after the property managers approved that request, someone called from the ship.

Can you guess what happened? Yes, my husband's underway was extended! He will not be here for the mid-May move now. So we are stuck trying to figure out what to do. I can't move everything downstairs and then upstairs again by myself. My husband is trying to take leave. My parents have also offered to travel here to help. What will happen? Who knows?! This is the Navy. If you want something to change, hold on a few days (or even hours), and you might get your wish.

For now, we are still downsizing, still organizing. So expect more posts about adventures in moving!


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