Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini Mitts

In the fall of last year, my husband and I ventured into the cookware section of Macy's and found these lovely mini mitts.

My husband bought them for me for Christmas, and I was happy to replace my old fabric KitchenAid oven mitts with these. I have been using them nearly four months, and I am just as happy with them as the day I received them. They are durable (to 500 degrees) and easily washed--you can even throw them in the dishwasher, though I personally hand wash them. They are also easy to store. I hang them on my oven door handle.

Yes, they are a bit spendy, but I highly recommend these. You can order them online from Amazon now, although at the time we purchased them, they were available only through the Martha Stewart line at Macy's.



  1. I like these. I've been eyeing them for some time. I need these. Especially now that a real person has tested them out for me. My favorite potholder in the world is unfortunately falling apart and even though it has caught on fire a time or two, I haven't been able to part with it. But maybe now is the time . . . Thank you for trying these out for me (even though you had no idea that you were doing that). :)

    1. I will warn you that John burned his hand one time by incorrectly handling an item from the oven with one of these. But I personally have not had any problems with them. I did see one reviewer who liked that these were a bit safer than cloth around open flame. :)


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