Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make-Up Magnet Board

Perhaps you've seen the make-up magnet board that everyone has raved about on Pinterest. If not, click here to check out the make-up magnet board at the Laura Thoughts blog.

I myself saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a terrific one. My make-up was stored in a hard-shell carrying case I had received a bunch of "generic" make-up in years ago at Christmas. I wanted something a bit more handy and a lot more attractive, so I decided to make this board.

I found the frame for less than $5 at a thrift store. The frame was hideously colored, but had gorgeous details. I used a leftover can of black glossy spray paint to paint the frame. Then my husband bought a piece of metal and some tin snips (those have already come in handy a few times!) and cut the metal to fit the frame. We placed the metal in the frame (ours fit perfectly without glue, but you might have to use glue if you try this craft at home), and he cut some non-sticky vinyl contact paper to fit over the metal. I found some magnets for less than $3 at Office Depot and attached one to each make-up compact or other item that would go on the board. I also found three cups at Dollar Tree and hot glued three magnets to each of the three cups (the magnets are self-stick, but I found that the cups are too heavy for the self-stick to stick well). I placed my lip liners and lipstick and brushes and eye liner and such in the cups. Then I had my husband mount the frame on the wall. Isn't it gorgeous?!

I sent the old make-up case to the thrift store.

I love this idea. The blogger who originally came up with the idea did sell these for $30 to $50. She no longer does. But you can make your own for about half the price, depending on how cheap you can find a thrift store frame, whether you can get a hardware store to cut your metal for you, whether you have leftover fabric or vinyl to cover the metal, whether you have some magnets lying around, and whether you decide to reuse a cup or cups you already have at home to hold your brushes.


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