Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Laundry Room Measuring Cup: Take Two

I finally bought a measuring cup that I really like for my future laundry room.

I bought it at Walmart, meaning that it was relatively inexpensive (less than $2), but that it was made in China. My husband emphasized that we are trying to decrease the China-manufactured items we purchase and that we have done a good job in doing so, but that we haven't mastered perfection just yet, partially because we try to stay within our budget. So I guess I will be content with it--unless it breaks easily like those Mainstays measuring cups and spoons I bought at Walmart that started breaking almost immediately and have broken consistently since then.

At any rate, wait until you see what my color scheme is going to be for my future laundry room! I will post that information when I blog about my new DIY reusable dryer sheets.


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