Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Laundry Room Boxes

For the past year, I have kept two tins in our laundry area: one for buttons and one for the safety pins we use to pin our socks together before we toss them in the hamper. I had painted the tins, but I was unhappy with the outcome, and I simply was waiting until better organizers came along.

About a month ago, I went looking for a unfinished wooden recipe box at Michaels to use for a Christmas gift for my cousin. I found some with white chicken wire-like covers for $1.99 each, meaning that I could purchase them for approximately $1 with a coupon. In addition to buying a large and more expensive one for my cousin, I bought two smaller ones for myself. I sanded each box, removed its gold hardware, taped off the wire, painted the boxes black, and painted the hardware white before removing the tape and replacing the hardware. As with all of my recent crafts, the result was not perfect, but I am thrilled nonetheless:

Some tips if you purchase any of these boxes and decide to paint the hardware:

  • Place the hardware on a box, and spray paint it. Let it dry COMPLETELY before putting a second coat on it. Turn the hardware over, and spray paint the other side. Again, let the base coat dry completely before putting the top coat on the hardware.
  • Let the hardware dry at least overnight before you reassemble the box with it.
  • Ensure that you have your hinges turned the proper way before you attach them to the box with the screws.

Despite the flaws (that I caused in my hurry to finish them), I love these. I am frequently amazed with how such a small and inexpensive item can make me so happy!


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