Friday, April 20, 2012

Homemade Shampoo

After working through my stockpile for a year, I am nearly finished with my store-bought shampoo. So after the success of using homemade body wash, I decided to work on making homemade shampoo, too. I used a castile soap shampoo recipe I found on The Fat Dollar web site and ultimately used largely the same ingredients for the shampoo that I used for the body wash except that I left out the glycerin and added in some olive oil.

This homemade shampoo definitely cleans my hair. I think it will work better when I start making homemade conditioner to follow it with. I will post an update when I have done just that. As with my warning on the homemade body wash, I will let you know up front that because of the lack of sodium laureth sulfate, you will not get this shampoo to lather as much as your store-bought versions.

Yes, I become a little more "hippie" every day. But I paid around $1 to make two bottles of this shampoo--much better than the $4-5 I was spending on Pantene!

And yes, I know there is some rust on the Mason jar screw band. Long story. :)


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