Friday, April 20, 2012

Homemade Body Wash

Via Pinterest, I found this recipe for homemade body wash on the Living, Laughing, Loving, Learning blog. The author's son has eczema and needed something to help soothe his skin problems. Since my husband has some skin issues himself, I decided to try making this particular recipe.

My verdict after using it for a week? I like this stuff. I made a half batch, which filled two bottles and cost about $1.25. I used this vegetable glycerin and Kirk's Castile Soap. I did not include any fragrance of any kind, but I LOVE the smell of the body wash; it reminds me of the homemade soaps for sale in Williamsburg.

My one caution to you, though, that is if you are used to body washes made with sodium lauryl sulfate, you are going to find that this stuff doesn't lather as well as typical store-bought body washes. But if you are trying to get away from chemicals, this is a good first recipe. From what I gather, Dr. Bronner's castile soap is purer than Kirk's, so I may try that soap next time. If so, I will let you know how that batch turns out.


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