Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Home Tour: Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the room I am least sure about at this point. The window area:

When we move into our new apartment, I want to space the curtain rod hardware farther apart. Eventually, I want to sew new drapes because these were damaged in the washing machine. I also want to sew tie-backs because opening these drapes is a pain because of the thickness of the dowel we used to make the curtain rod.

On one side of the window, we have this area:

The only problems I have with this area (not including the night side table!) are with the (homemade!) clock. The demolition in the next apartment caused the clock to fall off one of the hangers, so we should rehang it. I also should fix the spacing on the numbers and fix the hands so that both of the outward-facing hands are silver. (And yes, I realize that I put letters on the picture below, but I really don't want to change the picture now, and X, V, and I are letters, right?)

The other side of the window:

You can't tell, but the frames on the wall are broken. I have just cleverly disguised the break really well. So when we move, I want to fix those and repaint the frames. (I was doing laundry when these pictures were taken, so please ignore the pile on the bed as reflected in the mirror!)

We have a cheap bookshelf in our bedroom. I am not very fond of it at all.

I should declutter it. I also want to redo it so that it looks a bit nicer. And see that horse atop the bookshelf? We bought him this month. He is the most expensive piece of decor we own. He will eventually go in John's library, but for now, we placed him atop the bookshelf. I probably should pull the tags off him.

Then we have the corner where the TV sits.

Yes, I want to hide that air purifier. I also want to build or buy a table for the TV to sit on so that it's no longer in the floor.

The chest of drawers:

I have found a few spots I should touch up on this furniture. But most of the work to be done here is polishing the silver tray that holds my husband's keys and such and sorting through my own jewelry. Oh, and I forgot to put this on the original task list, but those lamps have stickers inside the shades, and I really want to remove those.

And finally, our bed:

We want to build new bedside tables with drawers. Even before we tackle that task, I want to declutter our tables--especially my husband's. I would like to move the (attempted) gallery wall to the living room. I also would like to build a new bed or at least create a headboard. And my husband hates our current lampshades, so we are looking for inexpensive drum lampshades.

I also count our walk-in closet as part of our bedroom, so I will include it on the home tour.

Our closet looks a lot better than it used to. We still should discard a few things, and we also should have a LOT of clothes mended (or mend them ourselves!). The purchase of swivel-head velvet hangers from Dollar Tree helped us use a lot less room in this area (and that fact will be helpful when we move into the smaller apartment). I want to continue buying these hangers and migrating our clothing from the old bulky plastic hangers to these new skinny hangers. I also want to finish labeling the Sterlite shoe boxes. Finally, we keep some of our linens in the closet, and I want to move those to a cedar chest.

We organized our accessories earlier this year. These are still organized!

My only problem here is that some of the hardware on these is in the middle of the board while some is on the outer edges of the wood. I want to make them uniform. (Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I have OCD.)

I also store everything that would generally be in a (larger) bathroom. Like my hair appliances and mani-pedi stuff:

I should organize all of that stuff. I also should discard the high school and college clothes in that box--you know, the ones that will likely never fit again. I also would like to buy new luggage eventually. Okay, so that doesn't have anything to do with how our home looks, but it's a future project anyway.

If I store my hair appliances in the closet, you know I store my extra toiletries there, too, right?

I am currently getting rid of most of my store-bought toiletries and replacing them with homemade ones. As I do that, I will certainly have fewer toiletries to organize. But yes, I should organize them a bit better.

And finally (in this regard), I have the "laundry area." This area includes the hampers, which I am not showing.

For now, I just want to organize these items where they look a little bit more organized.

The current exhaustive project list for this room is as follows:

  • Before we move to the next apartment:
    • Take tags off horse. (Cost: free.)
    • Declutter bookshelf. (Cost: free.)
    • Declutter bedside tables. (Cost: free.)
    • Discard clothing that is no longer used. (Cost: free.)
    • Finish migrating clothes from bulky (ugly) plastic hangers to swivel-head velvet hangers. (Cost: $1.00 per two hangers.)
    • Finish labeling shoe boxes. (Cost: Less than $5 for a new pack of Avery labels.)
    • Polish silver that holds husband's keys. (Cost: free.)
    • Sort through jewelry (and sell unwanted gold while we're at it). (Cost: free.)
    • Hide the air purifier. (Cost: free.)
    • Remove stickers from lampshades. (Cost: free.)
    • Have clothing mended. (Cost: no idea, but we should get the clothes mended and put in their appropriate places in the closet!)
    • Sew tie-backs for the curtains. (Cost: less than $10 for fabric.)
    • Fix clock numbers and hands. (Cost: free.)
    • Touch up spots on chest of drawers. (Cost: free.)
    • Continue using store-bought toiletries and replacing them with homemade ones. (Cost: no idea!)
  • During our stay in the next apartment:
    • Make the hardware on the peg boards uniform before hanging them in the closet.
    • Move and redo gallery wall.
    • Consider replacing pictures with black and white or sepia photos.
    • Space the curtain rod hardware farther apart.
    • Fix and repaint picture frames.
    • Make reusable dryer sheets.
    • Organize hair appliances and mani-pedi items.
    • Redo bookshelf.
    • Build a table for the TV.
    • Make more throw pillows for the bed.
    • Buy drum lampshades.
    • Build new bedside tables with drawers.
    • Build a headboard.
    • Organize laundry items.
  • When we return to Florida:
    • Buy our own washer and dryer for wherever we live. (Cost: lots! Effect on my sanity and well-being: priceless!) :)
    • Make homemade laundry detergent, and store it in glass jars.
    • Create a closet sign like this one from The Creative Imperative blog.
    • Build a better bed.
    • Build an upholstered parson's chair.
  • When we have some spare money:
    • Sew new drapes.
  • When we buy a house:
    • Ensure that the water heater is not in the closet.
    • Cover switch plates with fabric.
    • Paint our laundry room a color akin to Tiffany blue.
    • Install or restore hardwood floors.
    • Place a large rug under the bed.
    • Build a vanity area complete with an upholstered vanity stool.

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