Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Tour: Living Room

The second room in my home tour is the living room. It's a relatively large room (for this apartment), so I will present it section by section, starting with the "entertainment center." :)

The TV is new. It's not going anywhere. I have put my foot down on the size of it; it is 32", and I don't see the need for a larger TV--ever. The furniture is a Depression-era buffet/sideboard. It has some very rough, very soft, and very dry wood on it, and I am in the process of painting it. I want to finish painting it white (except the top, which we are going to restain a dark walnut color), then prime it again and repaint it so that it will be less yellowish and more bright in-your-face white. My husband and I have a ton of game consoles inside those buffet drawers and DVD's and CD's inside those cabinet doors, and I want to organize all of those and line the bottoms of the drawers and cabinets with fabric. I do want to declutter a bit (yes, I know the irony behind the "Simplify" sign!); I have found clutter a major drawback of wanting to do all the crafts I do. The easel frame is old and has been scraped up during our many moves; I want to redo it. (Please send any ideas in that regard if you have any.) I want to hide the cords, the Wii Fit Plus step, the Guitar Hero guitar controllers, and the vent. Do you see the gorgeous basket on the right side of the picture? The one with all the pillows in it? I *LOVE* that basket. I bought it from Target in January. It is one of my favorite things in this room. I also really love the milk glass vase (it was a decanter, actually; I just removed the top) and particularly the 1949 law book (I picked it up at the local thrift store for $2).

Next are the recliner and storage cube.

I've had this recliner forever; it was a gift from my dad during the holidays years ago. I really don't want to get rid of it. I do admit, though, that we want another chair. Perhaps a parson's chair or gentry chair upholstered with a brown and yellow fabric! I intended to put flowers in the vase (for St Patrick's Day (!), thus the green), but never did. I should buy some good flowers for it or store it. I also hope to go to the Outer Banks to get some more gorgeous seashells for the other vase (which I think is actually a candle holder, but who cares?). The storage cube has a lot of documents in it, and those should be pulled out, sorted, scanned, shredded, etc. Oh, and the burlap pillow? I covered a ripped pillow with burlap and used stitch witchery to finish it. I'm not impressed. I want to sew it back together. And I'm not even sure it works here in the first place. :/

And then we have what was supposed to be built into a faux fireplace.

We have decided to turn this item back into a twin-size guest bed. We will probably do this task after we return to Florida since we are no longer going to have a guest bedroom starting next month. But in the meantime, I do intend to store all of the items that were going to be inside the fireplace and around the hearth. I also should probably get around to storing the Easter decorations. And the St. Patrick's Day ones, too.

And finally, the couch area (the picture taken at night so that the daylight through the curtains wasn't so overpowering):

My biggest problem here is with the couch: I would like a new one. But in the interest of avoiding waste, I plan to restuff it and recover it at some point. In the meantime, I will just throw some brown and yellow pillows on it. As for the curtains, I really just should iron them for now. When we get to Florida, we will space out the curtain rod hardware a bit more so the curtains better cover the window. I would like to hang more pictures--a gallery wall would be nice--and that cinnamon broom is looking a bit bare. I saw on another blog that a lady simply had hers in a corner, and I may try that placement at some point. Finally, I am not happy with the white on the shutters. When I put Kilz primer on the buffet, I probably will do the same to the shutters.

Our current goals for the living room are these:

  • Before we move to the next apartment:
    • Clean out the storage cube. (Cost: free.)
    • Put away the green vase. (Cost: free.)
    • Declutter. (Cost: free.)
    • Store the Easter items. (Cost: free.)
    • Finish painting the buffet. (Cost: free if the current can of paint lasts that long.)
    • Clean and reattach the buffet's hardware. (Cost: free.)
    • Finish organizing the DVD's. (Cost: $6 for one more set of envelopes.)
    • Obtain more shells. (Cost: free if we go to the beach on our already-budgeted-for vacation.)
  • During our stay in the next apartment:
    • Decorate and scent the cinnamon broom.
    • Sew pillow back together.
    • Prime the buffet with Kilz primer, and repaint the buffet with another coat of White on White paint.
    • Sew new pillows using brown and yellow fabric.
    • Hide the cords.
    • Line the bottoms of the buffet drawers and cabinets with fabric.
    • Redo the easel frame.
    • Attach finials and blocks to the "faux fireplace"; then sand it and paint it white.
    • Replace the gaucho coasters with tile ones.
    • Replace the map clock with a large white clock.
    • Create a key holder, umbrella holder, and coat rack.
    • Create more decor: wreaths, pomander balls, monograms, signs, candle holders, vases, button art, book bundles, old windows, and a jute-wrapped garbage can.
    • Look for antiques with which to decorate: hobnail and other milk glass, apothecary jars, decanters, antique milk bottles, egg crates, etc.
    • Create a family tree / gallery wall.
  • When we return to Florida:
    • Hide the Wii Fit Plus step and hang the Guitar Hero guitar controllers, perhaps in some other room or in a small area behind a bookshelf.
    • Clean the antique iron to use as a door stop.
  • When we have some spare money:
    • Buy a parson's or gentry chair and upholster it in a brown and yellow fabric.
    • Create a stenciled deer head.
  • When we buy a house:
    • Cover switch plates with fabric.
    • Paint the walls a bright (but not too bright!) shade of yellow.
    • Install or restore crown molding.
    • Put a spray-painted "open" mat over any vent we have.
    • Turn the faux fireplace back into a twin-size bed for the guest bedroom.
    • Create bookshelves from crates.
  • When necessary:
    • When the stereo dies, we are going to buy a Bose system.

Our colors in this room are currently brown and white. I want to begin adding pops of yellow, though, and I plan on doing that beginning with some new pillows I will sew using the filling from some that ripped and some fabric I will buy using coupons (and a military discount!) at Hancock Fabrics.

Input? I'm open to constructive--but kind!--criticism. :)


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