Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Tour: Dining Room

As I said a few days ago, we are over budget on our home and goals budget for the first three months of this year. In an effort to gain control of the situation, I am going to do my first home tour on this blog. I will outline the goals I have for each room. Most importantly, I will make a notation as to WHEN the projects should be completed so that I don't start tackling projects sooner than should be. Some projects cannot be completed now because we don't have the equipment (a router saw, for example), some cannot be completed now because we don't have the room (a kitchen island is a great example!), and some will not be completed now because for the sake of avoiding waste, we should avoid buying new items until our old ones are no longer usable (a microwave comes to mind!).

Let's start with the smallest room in our 800-square-foot apartment: the dining room (or dining area, really).

The only furniture in this room is a small four-person table that I purchased for about $200 from Kmart three years ago. It has been moved to and from various apartments and a storage unit three times and has been banged up in the process, unfortunately. We currently have nothing on the walls; we are not permitted to attach anything to the wallpaper on the left side of this picture, and we simply have not attached anything on the other wall. And I will be making a trip home soon to see my Florida family, so I have a box of items to take to various family members in the floor.

Our current goals for our dining room are as follows:

  • Before we move to the next apartment:
    • Make burlap place mats. (Cost: free using burlap and paint already owned.)
    • Finish family silverware project. (Cost: unknown. I haven't decided how I am going to display these yet.)
  • During our stay in the next apartment:
    • Create additional centerpieces (lanterns, candle holders, flowers, etc.).
    • Sew a table runner and additional place mats.
  • When we return to Florida:
    • Place the rug from my former office (currently at my parents' house) under the table.
    • Create a permanent "Give Thanks" sign.
  • When we have some spare money:
    • Sell this table and chairs on Craigslist.
    • Have our very large, very nice family heirloom table (and its matching chairs) shipped from Oregon.
  • When we buy a house:
    • Cover switch plates with fabric.
    • Create a DIY curtain rod and sew drapes.
    • Paint the walls, perhaps a white, beige, grey, or yellow color.
    • Have hardwood floors installed or repaired.
    • Have wainscoting--or at least a chair rail--installed or repaired.
    • Install beadboard on the ceiling!
    • Hang a stenciled mirror on the wall.
    • Hang at least one chandelier of some sort.
    • Build closed display shelving.

For the longest time, I wanted an "Eat" sign, but as I create this list, I really see no reason for one. Everyone knows what the room is for, right? And my family used the table more for playing games and assembling puzzles than for eating anyway. John and I are no different.

Unless I have an extreme change of heart, this room will remain dark brown and white. I will add a few pops of colors with table runners, place mats, centerpieces, etc., but I really hate the idea of changing the color overall.

Please feel free to add some thoughts. I need help here, folks! Erin

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