Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Games Storage

I collected a lot of board and card games before my husband and I were married. My family played games quite a bit when I was a child, so I have a lot of the classics: Checkers, Dominoes, Life, Uno, etc. My husband and I celebrated our first Christmas together in 2008, and I decided that year to start the tradition of buying a new game each Christmas. That year, I bought Yahtzee. Since then, we have acquired Connect 4, Pay Day, Scrabble Slam, and a bunch of miscellaneous card games (Old Maid, Go Fish, Rummy, etc.).

So where to store all of these? Because we have moved so much, I did store them in a few cardboard boxes in the closet. But during the fall of last year, we started playing games more often and wanted somewhere more convenient to store them. Fortunately, we found this faux leather trunk at Walmart for $30 (marked down from around $70) the day after Thanksgiving.

We like it. I wish it weren't faux leather, but the price was right. I hate that it was made in China, too. Eventually, we will probably replace it with a big heavy antique wooden trunk! But for now, it works. It stores the games and allows us to play them atop it if we so choose. It also can function as a table or as an ottoman. So yes, we like it overall. :) It is a relatively attractive way to keep the games out of the way, but still right at our fingertips if we want to use them.


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