Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Printables

A few months ago, I saw this burlap rosette frame on the Laughter and Grace blog. My husband bought me 50 burlap coffee sacks last year, so I have tons of burlap. I was able to find a nice frame at the thrift store for $0.69 plus tax minus a military discount of 20%. So I made a similar frame. My only problem? My rosettes are a bit thicker than the one Jennifer made. But I still like the frame.

I finished the frame a few weeks ago, and since Easter was nearing, I printed this Easter printable from That Village House blog to put inside it. This particular printable contains the lyrics to "Christ Arose."

But then later I saw another printable online. I fell absolutely in LOVE with this one from the One Dog Woof blog. So I replaced the lyrics to "Christ Arose."

Which one do you prefer? I think next year I am going to use both of them on the mantel, but I do think I am going to look for fancier semi-matching frames.

Or I guess I could just make another burlap rosette frame. But probably not. That frame took me about 10-15 hours to make. Seriously!


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