Monday, April 2, 2012

Contact-Papered Tray

As if I haven't said it enough, we are moving. My goal, then, is to stop beginning new projects and to complete the old ones that have piled up. One of those projects was a wooden tray that I purchased with a coupon at A.C. Moore about a year ago. My husband had sanded and painted it black for me, and then we tried using painter's tape to tape off and paint white stripes on the inside of it. The tape did not peel off well, unfortunately. (I later saw this similar tray at The Little Black Door blog and accepted that perfection is unattainable.) I was disappointed and decided to put contact paper inside it instead. My husband and I measured the inside of the tray and cut out a piece of vinyl (non-sticky!) contact paper. He used an Elmer's Glue stick to attach the contact paper to the inside of the tray. Tray finished--a year after we started it!

Right now, we are using it to hold items on the bookshelf in our bedroom, but I may move it at some point in the future.

One project finished, a few more to go!


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