Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cloth Napkins

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am relearning how to sew. To begin, I decided to sew another set of cloth napkins. I used this tutorial from the Dwell on Joy blog.

I made four napkins and relearned four lessons, one per napkin:

  • First napkin: The tension needs to be between four and five; otherwise, your stitches will be loose.
  • Second napkin: You really should backstitch to get the cleanest stitching.
  • Third napkin: You should use the "turnaround" button (the one with the U-turn-looking arrow on it) to backstitch. If you try to use the wheel/knob, you are going to keep breaking your thread.
  • Fourth napkin: Use your presser foot as a guide to ensure that your stitches are straight.

I know you can tell that I am an expert sewer by the very precise sewing terms I used above.

My napkins aren't perfect, but I actually like them a lot better than my store-bought napkins. Those cost me $2 each. These cost less than $5 for all four, and I have fabric left over from the yard I purchased.

I hang these on my oven handle, and we use them to wipe our hands and faces instead of paper towels. I'm all about saving the earth.

Don't you love the paisley print on these? :)


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