Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I once used ceramic Coca-Cola canisters to store my flour, sugar, and other staples. But then I figured out that I had a lot of staples to store and not enough canisters. I didn't want to buy additional canisters, though, because frankly, they are a bit spendy! So, as some of you know, I decided to use huge pickle jars as my new canisters. I have been using these (and acquiring new ones) for about a year now, and I like them a lot. They are free (I'm going to buy the pickles anyway), and I'm upcycling something that would otherwise be recycled (reusing trumps recycling, just in case you didn't know).

To convert these jars into food storage canisters, I wash them and let them soak (without the lid on!) overnight in very hot water with Dawn in it. I remove the labels by spraying or rubbing them with vegetable oil, letting them sit overnight, and then simply scraping the label off with a paper towel (I use as few paper towels as possible, but if I clean up or wipe off oil, I use paper towels). Then I wash the jars again, letting them soak overnight one more time. I also ensure that I coat the inside of the lid in Dawn both times that I soak the jars. At that point, I generally have a usable canister. I have a Slice die-cutting machine that I have used to cut labels using vinyl. I also paint my lids (outside only!) with chalkboard paint. The canisters end up looking cute enough for my taste. And you can't beat free!

So far, I have these for my sugar, powdered sugar, all-purpose flour, tea, egg noodles, rice, oats, and grits. I'll have another one in about a week!


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