Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bar Stools

Last year, when my husband and I began planning and budgeting for decorations for our home, we first contemplated purchasing bar stools. We initially planned on spending around $150 for two. But I couldn't bear to spend that kind of money on bar stools at this point, so I never ordered the ones we were looking at. Since then, we have been searching thrift stores for some relatively inexpensive ones. I have been dismayed to find that the thrift stores here frequently ask a price of $30 for the ones that Walmart sells for $24.99.

But not this past Saturday. We found some horribly filthy wooden bar stools at the thrift store up the street. They were $9.99 each, and we also got an additional Easter discount of 10% off both. This is what they looked like when we placed them at our bar.

They did not look that way for long. My husband had to work on Easter, so I spent the afternoon cleaning scrubbing them with vinegar and old socks, sanding them with 120 grit sandpaper, and painting them. Look at them now!

I love these bar stools so much--especially since we purchased them for so little and made something so fabulous out of something so dingy.


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