Saturday, March 3, 2012

Powdered Sugar

Some of you know that I use chalkboard paint and vinyl to upcycle old pickle jars into food canisters. Over time, I have developed a method for getting rid of the pickle smell. Sometimes, though, I don't succeed as well as I'd like. A good example is the powdered sugar jar. Have you ever made a glaze with powdered sugar that had a hint of pickle in it? NOT GOOD!

I actually think I may have found a use for that sugar so that it does not have to be thrown away. But in the meantime, using it for anything other than that particular recipe is just not going to work. But instead of buying another box or bag of powdered sugar, I decided to make it.

Using this recipe, I simply took a cup of granulated sugar and poured it in my blender with a glass jar and turned on the blender for a minute or so. The result: powdered sugar.

If you intend to use your powdered sugar to make frosting, you really should add a tablespoon or two of cornstarch to it. Otherwise, you can leave it as it is. Oh, and if you have a plastic jar on your blender, you might want to avoid trying this at home: The sugar will scratch your jar.

Skeptical? Check the ingredients on your powdered sugar bag or box. It likely contains just sugar and cornstarch! And granulated sugar is cheaper than powdered sugar in the store. So why not at least try this method?

Next up: homemade brown sugar!


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