Friday, March 23, 2012

Organizing Accessories

One of my goals before we move into our new apartment is to organize our closet (AGAIN). This time (I have tried this "organize the clothes closet" thing before), I bought three "peg boards" (that's what they are called on our A.C. Moore receipts) for between four and five dollars each, depending on whether I had a 40% or 50% off coupon in hand. I painted all three of them with Glidden eggshell interior paint in Onyx Black. My husband put them on the wall in our walk-in closet (yes, yes, I know we're moving, but organizing things now makes it easier to move later, right?). I used the one near the ceiling to hold our hats. The one in the center holds my purses (I have only seven now!).

The one on the bottom holds belts, scarves, and oversized bags.

Crazily enough, these don't look as organized as I'd like. But I know I am WAY too OCD, so they are good enough. :) Good enough is a concept I learn more about each time I complete a DIY project.

Did I mention that my husband used this project to teach me how to use his power drill? I'm excited. I can hang things by myself now!


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  1. Crazy enough I LOVE the craft idea but the ONLY thing that crossed my mind was "my fiance would be sooo thrilled if I ONLY had 7 bags...I have an entire closet dedicated to my purses and bags" granted i have went through and got rid of some but they are all name brand bags and quite expensive and I just can NOT get rid of them.IT is against EVERYTHING I believe in thank goodness he does NOT kuddos to you for having only 7 and being organized you rock girl! I could only wish to be that organized!


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