Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orange Julius

I saw this recipe for an Orange Julius on The Farmer's Wife blog. I had never even heard of Orange Julius! But the recipe sounded good, so I tried it.

YUM! And my husband loved it, too. So we have a new drink to add to our recipe binder!

Have you had a real Orange Julius? If so and if you try this recipe, let us know how this one compares.



  1. Wow, it's probably been at least 20 years since I've had Orange Julius! There are a few of the kiosks around here (they seem to be affiliated with Dairy Queen now), but I've never been to one. But I think I might try this recipe with a few changes (you know I like to tinker!): honey in place of the sugar and less OJ concentrate but adding 1-2 oranges (more fiber). Yum! I just wish my ice maker worked.

    1. Let us know how yours turns out!


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