Friday, March 2, 2012

My Jeep Has New Shoes!

I have not blogged a lot this week. I took my 2004 Jeep Liberty to the mechanic for an oil change on Monday, and he said it needed new tires. So I had new tires put on it on Wednesday! Yay for new tires! Boo for spending almost $1K to buy them and have them installed. But yay for a rebate that will be returned to us.

Oh, and yay for Yokohama tires. Our usual mechanic would sell and install only Kumho tires, so I went to another mechanic. I have nothing against Kumho tires, but my previous tires were Yokohamas, and they lasted for 90,000 miles. 90,000 miles! And they weren't even bald when I changed them! Too, I survived a ride through the I-65 median at 65 miles per hour on those tires, and they simply had to be aligned and balanced when it was over. So I bought duplicate tires this week. If it's not broke, don't fix it, right?

By the way, the 2004 Jeep Liberty? She's a keeper, too. I've never loved a vehicle as much as I love this one. I can't fathom trading her. Whenever anyone near me talks about buying a new vehicle, I always speak up and recommend a Jeep. :)



  1. I loved my Jeep Liberty Sport and it was very good to me. But I love my Ford Escape even more. :-)

    1. Just out of curiosity, how many miles did you get from yours? I am going to try to get 200,000 miles from mine.


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