Friday, March 23, 2012

Ironing Board Storage

I hate ironing. And I hate our ironing board. I really need to make a new cover for it, and right now, it is stored in our closet, where it harasses me every morning to buy some fabric and put some clothes on it. :/

Again, the ironing board is in our closet. Because we have no washer or dryer and thus no laundry room. So for the longest time, the ironing board has leaned against on one of the walls in our walk-in closet. But then I saw this ironing board holder on the Blissfully Ever After blog. I was SO enchanted with it! My husband and I already had some hooks, so we decided to put those into the wall instead of doing the actual sign (at least for now--he was the one who ultimately made the decision not to make the sign, so we will likely revisit this decision when we DO have a laundry room). Thus our ironing room is now stored out of the way (behind our clothes!).

Yes, yes. Ugly, I know. I'll get around to it.



  1. Must. do. this. NOW. (or this weekend) My ironing board has been leaning on our bedroom wall for a time too embarassingly long to reveal.


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