Saturday, March 3, 2012

Handling Household Tasks: Maintaining a Food Inventory

I'm a stockpiler. When I see items on sale, I try to use coupons to get a "super sale" on the items, and I buy lots of them (not as many as the folks on "Extreme Couponing," but you get the picture). When I am blessed with a food storage room or area (other than a pantry), I am going to have canisters filled with flour and sugar and tons of Mason jars of canned foods, too.

So that I know what I have--and what I need when I go shopping--I keep a food inventory. This is the document in its current form.

Food Inventory

I did keep this food inventory taped to my pantry door along with my menu plan. I was even going to laminate it. But since I revise it quite a bit, I decided to store the menu plan inside my recipe binder and this inventory in my coupon organizer. I put the pages inside page protectors, and then I can write on them with wet erase markers and erase with a damped cloth when I need to update the inventory.

Not everyone needs a food inventory. But since I have amassed quite a bit of food, I like to know that I still have a couple of cans of, say, green beans somewhere rather than buying some and then finding the cans after the "best by" date has passed.

And that's the end of the Handling Household Tasks series that I started last month. You thought I wasn't going to finish it, didn't you? :) I update the food inventory at the beginning of each month, so I wanted to wait until the beginning of March.

Next up? Organizing finances . . . next week.


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