Monday, March 26, 2012

Gardening Progress 03/26/2012

In the last few weeks, we have planted some additional seeds and have watched our green onions grow a lot! Our 12 cans of herbs and (to-be-transplanted) vegetables in the windowsill:

We also planted some wheatgrass my husband's cousins gave us at a family event last year, and it has grown VERY quickly.

Our green onions have grown fast, too. We've leveled them several times for use in recipes, yet they are outgrowing the much-larger container we put them in. (Sorry for the dark image--and the background. Soon, we will be overlooking a lake rather than storage units.)

How are *your* gardens doing?


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  1. Ugh. My garden is nowhere to be found yet! But I'm hoping/planning to shove some seeds into the ground this week. Apparently I was sleeping or something when the time came to start seeds (tomatoes, peppers, etc.), so I'm going to have to buy plants in a few weeks. And our weather is amazing. Our average last day of frost is April 15 . . . I bet we haven't had frost in a month and it's March 27th. Crazy. I'm kind of tempted to try my luck with some things that shouldn't be planted for awhile, squash or beans or something. :)


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