Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Kissing Ball

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About a month ago, I was in Target buying my beautiful little Valentine's Day birds when I spotted a kissing ball. It was a beauty, made with nearly perfect red rosettes. I wanted it. And then I saw the price tag: $14.99. My home budget was $100 last month, but I was also buying lots of (expensive) organizational and storage items, so I could not fathom paying that kind of money for a kissing ball.

Especially when I figured I could make one.

I spent just over a quarter each for eight pieces of red felt at A.C. Moore. And then I used this tutorial on how to make paper flowers to make felt rosettes. I hot glued them onto a styrofoam ball I already had. I really like the result. (I am using it as a topiary rather than as a kissing ball.)

As with all of my crafts, I look at this project and think, "This is SO not perfect." But again, I spent a little more than two bucks for it. And I made it! And next year, I can try another one and do better.

And that, friends, is the last Valentine's Day project. I intended to post it late last week, but this project took some serious time. Sorry for the delay. And now on to spring decorating!


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