Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As I mentioned yesterday in my post on dishware, I had a plethora of household items in a hope chest when I married. Those items included a set of Coca-Cola dish towels and blue towels.

Three years after moving my husband into our first apartment, I still have the same towels. Although much of the Coca-Cola decor has been removed and the blue Starry Night theme is certainly long gone, I have steadfastly refused to replace the towels. As a teenager, I watched my mother cut new strings from towels and ultimately re-purpose them into cleaning rags, all the while wondering why she would not simply replace them when she had the money to do so.

Today, I do the same thing she did, despite that I, too, have the money in my budget to buy new ones. I have had to repurpose a bath towel because it was unraveling (I currently use it on my Swiffer WetJet), but the rest of my bathroom linens and kitchen towels remain. They are indeed a little worse for wear. Still, I keep them. I wash them weekly, I cut any strings that may have appeared, and I put them away, ensuring that I put freshly washed towels and dishtowels at the bottom of the stack in an attempt to ensure that the towels wear as evenly as possible.

My husband wants new towels, although he has not yet been insistent about buying ones. He is going to get them--eventually. But at this point in my life, I do not see the thrill in throwing away towels--or anything really--that are still usable and still are in good condition overall. In my mind, the economy and the environment beg me not to be so hasty.


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