Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Third Year Anniversary Gift

My husband and I will soon celebrate our third wedding anniversary. The traditional gift for this particular anniversary would be leather; the modern would be crystal or glass. But since NASCAR racing began at Daytona last week and I found out I would have to spend a small fortune to prepare our old CRT television to watch the race on local channels, I decided we would spring for my husband an early anniversary gift and buy a new TV instead.

Initially, I thought we would buy a 22" television for our bedroom, but since we vowed long ago to keep TV's out of our bedroom and because I don't foresee myself ever allowing a television with a screen larger than 32" in my home, we decided the smart thing would be to spend $150 extra now and get a (for us) large TV for the living room.

We went with a Dynex because a) it was on sale at a GREAT price (hello, President's Day), b) John's ship has one of these that has performed well, and c) these have great reviews online. And yes, we bought the Geek Squad extended warranty.

So John got what he wanted (except that he wanted a PS3 to go with it. Maybe next year!). Now on to that pressure canner . . .

Oh, and by the way, that is "Army Wives" (on Netflix) on the screen. I didn't want you to see my reflection in the TV screen, so I turned on the TV. I don't have any connection to "Army Wives." I just really love this show. Its portrayal of the struggles of military families is pretty accurate. (Its portrayal of law school and the taking of the bar exam is a joke, but that's a story for another day.)


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