Thursday, February 23, 2012

Organizing the Freezer

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Prior to this week, my husband's work hours were 0700 to 1600. This week, the command changed the work hours from 0600 to 1600. Because my husband has been here so little lately, I have been busy organizing. We have to move to another apartment sometime in April or May, so I figure whatever I organize and discard now will expedite that process.

For Christmas, I received these LabelOnce food labels. About a month ago, I bought ten packages (yes, ten) of these Rubbermaid storage containers from Dollar Tree. So to organize my freezer, I broke up (most of) my packages of meat and placed single servings in each of them. I labeled each container with the type of meat, the date of purchase, and the serving size within the container. When I make butter from cream, I freeze the butter in the same containers and label it similarly.

(Yes, that is an unbroken pack of chicken wings beside the containers; when we eat wings, we eat half of the package for lunch and half for dinner, so I leave them in the package. Also note that we are in the process of switching from Tyson's and other similar companies' meats and to better meats. I'll blog about that later.)

These containers stack nicely in my freezer, I can easily move them to the refrigerator for thawing, and if they don't thaw completely in time, I can move them straight to the microwave for defrosting. Too, I love that the labels are erasable!

In a few years, we hope to raise our own cows, chickens, and pigs and thus to have lots of butcher paper in our freezer. For now, I really like how we've chosen to organize our food.


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