Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Organizing the Craft Room

Okay, so I don't really have a craft room; I have an office/craft room/gardening room. But I still call it my craft room because I use the room primarily for crafting. :)

The temperature here is supposed to be in the mid-60's today and in the 70's tomorrow. What this means is that I may actually be able to get some much-needed spray painting completed! So today, I needed to organize the craft room so that I could get my hands on the things that need to be painted:

  • Thumb tack vase fillers
  • Soup cans I am going to use as vases
  • A black Dollar Tree basket I am painting with some rust-looking paint to look like an egg basket
  • The last of some holiday pine cones (I want to discard the last can of Krylon Glitter Blast spray.)

All of these are now sitting in the living room awaiting warm temps and relatively calm wind speeds.

I used the four Dollar Tree baskets left over from the bathroom storage redo to store my glue sticks, wood glue, E6000, Mod Podge, and Glitter-It!; my various bottles of acrylic paint; my jute, twine, and sisal; and my paintbrushes.

I was also (finally!) able to find some room to set up my sewing machine!

While organizing the craft room, I found the materials for these projects:

All of these are in addition to the shutters my husband bought me for Valentine's Day that I intend to turn into beautiful living room decor. And I just bought an old magazine holder for laptop storage yesterday.

I think the time has come to stop buying new things at craft and thrift stores and to finish the projects I have started. What say you?


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