Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love Blocks

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I have been trying to post a Valentine's Day craft every day this week, but I missed yesterday. The weather is SO cold here that all I really want to do right now is lie underneath my huge pink quilt on the couch and watch "Army Wives," and that was pretty much all I did yesterday. Please forgive me. I am trying to make it up to you by posting a second craft today.

I made these beauties all by myself.

I love them so much--and they were super easy to make! I bought four wooden blocks for $1.59 each at A.C. Moore. I bought the wooden letters (L, O, V, E) for $0.99 each (each package contained three letters, so I have leftover for another project). I bought red and white paint for 50 cents each (I have leftover paint, too). I used sandpaper and paint brushes I already had from other projects to sand and then paint each letter and block. When everything was dry, I used wood glue (which I bought with a 50% off coupon at Michaels) to glue the letters onto the blocks.

I may make more of these for other holidays in the future. If you're looking for an inexpensive and easy Valentine's Day decoration, this one may be it.


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