Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Indoor Garden

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Last year at a family get-together, my cousins gave us a bunch of seeds. I passed along a few to my parents, but we kept most of them. I saved some soup cans (I have a stockpile of soup, but when it's gone, I'll be making my own) and used them to plant an indoor herb (and one fruit) garden.

My husband used a 3/16 titanium drill bit to put holes in the bottoms of the cans. He folded coffee filters and put one in the bottom of each can. I put Miracle-Gro indoor/outdoor potting soil in the cans, and he planted the seeds. I used Avery EcoFriendly White Address Labels (48860) to print labels; I used Mom's Typewriter font for these.

We had a very small indoor garden last year, but we used actual pots then. I am excited about using the more easily managed tin cans.

Do you have a garden? Indoor or outdoor?


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