Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Management Binder: Project List

If you are joining us in creating a home management binder, you should have a daily journal and a chore list ready to place inside your home management binder. The next task is to create a project list.

Your project list should be a list of every project that you would like to complete in your household. Perhaps you want to grow a vegetable or herb garden. Or maybe you want to paint your foyer a different color. You might want to replace your carpet with hardwood flooring. Or you could have Pinterest boards full of projects you would like to complete. Likely, you want to pay off all your debt and save some money for retirement. Whatever you want to do, list it on your project list.

As with the other home management binder pages, you may list these in writing or print them on your computer. Just ensure that you have a tangible list of the projects you would like to make progress on, this year and in future years. You can divide your projects by category (household goals, financial goals, etc.), or you can simply make a random list. Again, this list is for only you, so it needs to meet with only your approval. It will guide you as you work to improve your home, family, and yourself.

My project list is on this web site here. I intend to update it monthly with the tasks that I have completed in the previous month. But rest assured that I do have a form of this list printed for my home management binder as well.

What's on your list? If creating a home management binder is on your list, you will soon be able to delete that task!


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