Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home Management Binder: Finished!

If you have joined us this week in creating a home management binder, the last step is to assemble it. You can do this in any number of ways. If you don't mind dropping a dollar or two, you can buy a binder and dividers. Or you may want to avoid spending money on this project. If so, you can use cardstock and a few other items to make your own dividers; just check out the tutorial on how to make your own divider pages on the Cajun Joie de Vivre blog. Then you could punch holes in your binder pages and divider and tie them with jute. You could staple them, too, but if you staple the pages, revising those pages (and if you're like me, you will be revising soon!) will be a bit more difficult.

If you choose to make dividers for only the pages we have created here, you will need just three dividers:

I personally have two more. I use one--Checklists--for my travel and hurricane preparedness checklists. (I am going to discuss and post these later in the life of this blog.) I use the other--Contacts--for my family's and friends' contact information. (I am going to do some purging and updating of my contacts list, so I will post more about doing that later in this blog as well.)

You can create additional divider pages that you think you might want to include in your home management binder. Perhaps you want to include additional sections for your menu plan or your financial information (my menu plan is on my pantry door, and my financial information is organized separately). Perhaps you have children and want to include a section for them with their school and extracurricular schedules, lists of vaccinations, etc. Create pages and make dividers for whatever additional pages you deem necessary. As I have said from the beginning, this binder is for you. Customize it. And let me know what additional pages you did include. I may want to incorporate your ideas into my own binder!

At this point, you should be finished with your initial home management binder. I hope creating this binder has been a bit less painful with the step-by-step approach I have created here. Input? Ideas? Please share below!


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